Teacher: Kurowski (kkurowski@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hi Friends,
This morning we will read the short story “Cookie” from Frog andToad Together by Arnold Lobel. Click on the link below to enjoythe story. When you finish, explain why the author wrote the text.Don’t forget to justify your answer and draw a picture.


The author wrote this short story to _______________. I knowthis because_________.

If you like the Frog and Toad stories, you can find more on Epic.


Math: Pick 7 more numbers on the hundreds chart and find ten more andten less. If you are ready for a challenge, try 20 more or 20 less.For example, my number is 67. Twenty less is 47 and 20 more is87! When you finish, spend 20-30 minutes on Zearn.

Independent reading: 20 minutes

Lexia: 30 minutes


Files for this Assignment:

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