Kurowski- 4/17

Teacher: Kurowski (kkurowski@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


HELLO!!! HUGS from afar! Today, I am not posting a read aloud. Instead, I would like everyone to spend some time on Lexia, Istation, and Zearn IF possible.  

 Here our word/story problems for today.  Write a subtraction sentence and draw a math picture to show how you solved each problem.  Try drawing tens and units for your math picture instead of circles. 

  1. Tim saw 16 fish in a pond . Jack saw 5 fewer fish than Tim. How many fish did Jack see? 
  2. Challenge: Sam read 67 pages in his book.  Jill read 45 pages in her book. How many more pages did Sam read than Jill?


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