Kurowski- 4/13

Teacher: Kurowski (kkurowski@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hello Friends, 

This week our comprehension skill is point of view.  In first grade, point of view means we figure out WHO is telling the story, the narrator or a character. Great readers ask,  “Who is doing the talking on this page?” and “How do I know?” to identify WHO is telling the story.   Click on the link below to hear The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall. Then, answer the question below. 



You can also hear the story on Epic

  1. https://www.getepic.com/sign-in/educator
  2. Classcode: uxd9273
  3. Find your name
  4. Search The Three Little Pigs by Eric Suben illustrated by Julie Durrell 

Writing task: Who is telling the story? Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story to go with your writing. 

The story is told by _____________________.  I noticed the author used ( he/she/ I) 



This week we are going to solve subtraction word/story problems.  Please write a subtraction sentence and draw a math picture to show your work. 

(1) Jill went to the fair. She had  16 tickets to go on rides. Jill used 4 tickets on the big slide. How many tickets did Jill have left? 

(2) Challenge : There are 34 ants on a log. 13 ants march away. How many ants are left. (Hint: Use tens rods and units for your math picture.) 


When you finish, please spend 20 minutes on Zearn.  


Files for this Assignment:

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