Kurowski – 4/1

Teacher: Kurowski (kkurowski@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Good Morning Friends!

Today we will listen to Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox. Did you know that Mem Fox has written over 40 children’s books? Her books have also been translated into 21 languages!  The question today will require you to infer. Remember, infer means you use what you know, “your smarties” along with evidence from the story to answer a question. Click on the link to hear the story read aloud. Once you are finished listening, answer the question below.


If you can not access the book on youtube, you can go to Mem Fox’s website to hear the story. (www.memfox.com)

Question: Why do you think all of the animals were quiet after the cow scared the fox away? (The animals were quiet because…)


Counting forward and backwards from any number helps us add and subtract. Pick 4 numbers on the 120 chart and count from them. When you finish, spend some time on Zearn.


Files for this Assignment:

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