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Kindergarten At Home Learning 

Friday, April 3,2020

Hello Kindergarten Families! Below you will see an outline of some learning opportunities that you may wish to do with your kindergarten student today. Please remember that these are all just suggestions for activities for families that are looking for them. As you complete activities, PLEASE send us pictures/videos/responses on ClassDojo so we can share them with the class! We miss you and enjoy seeing your messages everyday! 

Today Talk: Today is Friday April 3, 2020

  • Talk about what day it is: “Today is___”
  • Discuss what day today is, what day tomorrow is, and what day yesterday was. 
  • Talk about the number of the day and what numbers come before/after. 
  • Count by 1 from 1-100 and then count by 10 up to 100. 
  • Identify the numbers 1-20.

Academic Activity: Want to learn some new facts about chickens that even Mrs. Fisher and Ms. Lachat didn’t know? Enjoy the read aloud below with your family.  When the book is completed, turn and talk with your family about one new thing that you learned about chickens. Draw a picture and write a sentence to tell us about what you learned.  We are very excited to see your work!!

Read Aloud:

Enrichment Activity: Last week, Ms. Lachat talked about the start of Spring. Let’s go on a Spring Scavenger hunt! Below I have listed 5 characteristics of Spring that we discussed the other day.  Let us know how many you find and as always, feel free to take a picture and share what you found!

_____ Buds on the trees (baby leaves)

_____ Flowers starting to grow

_____ Rain

_____ Daytime is longer

_____ Sunny/Warm

Remember to send us pictures on Dojo so we can share your great work with the class! Keep learning and be GREAT today


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