Garrett – Language Enrichment in Everyday Activities- 3/26

Teacher: Garrett (


Greetings from Speech and Language! I thought I’d share some very simple ways to encourage and enrich language with the activities many of us are doing every day;


Reading books? Ask questions as you go. Who are the characters in the story? What is a problem they are trying to solve? What is something you wonder about the story? What is something you like about the story?


Doing any baking or cooking? Students can help by reading and following directions in a recipe. Following step by step directions is a great way to enrich knowledge of sequencing and cause and effect!


Taking a walk outside? Play “I Spy” while you walk.  This game is a great way to teach and reinforce new vocabulary by describing attributes – color, size, function, location.  I spy an octagon that is red, is on the street corner, and is important for driving – a stop sign!


Art and creative time? Make up a story about what you are creating! My kids are into race cars and yesterday they designed their own race track on a large sheet of paper taped to the floor. I asked them to describe where the cars go, what do they see on their way, how do they get to the finish line?


Finally, I wanted to share this website where you can choose a story read aloud by various well-known actors:  I encourage you all to keep reading – read with a sibling, a parent, grandma, all by yourself!


Enjoy your day!

Ms. Garrett



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