Moussette – Lets write the number 5!

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Good Morning all! As always there are some activities below to help your children stay involved in their academics. Please remember these are not mandatory assignments! 🙂

Circle time:

  • The days of the week. What day is it today, what day was it yesterday, what day will it be tomorrow?
  • Months of the year.
  • Count from 1-10 and backwards 10-1.
  • The weather (throughout the week, have the children tell you the changes they see).
  • Review the number of the week (5)

Academic Activity:

  1. Review the video attached below. This video will teach your child how to write the number 5.

While practicing the number 5 you can use these model words.

“ Slide down, come around, put a hat on the top to make the number five”

  1. On a piece of paper or a white board have your child practice writing the number five using the video for reinforcement when needed. If writing the number on a piece of paper is a difficult task for your child have them use shaving cream, paint or playdough.
  1. When your child has completed practicing the number five, have them draw a picture of five of their favorite objects. This could be five of one object for example: five softballs or five different objects. For example. A basketball, a softball, a football, a hockey puck, golf ball.

As always, if you complete an activity please send a picture on dojo! J


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