Lindskog – ABL – Making a Sensory Bin at Home – 4/23/20

Teacher: Lindskog (


Hello prek families,

I hope you all enjoyed a few days off and were able to get some rest.  This activity is teaching you how to create an easy sensory bin at home.  Our students are used to using sensory bins as a calm down activity during the school day.  It can also be used to ease with transitions as well as fine motor skills.  I took short video to show you how to make it and how to incorporate language skills at home with your child as well.  Video is posted on our class DOJO as well as our private Facebook classroom page

Materials: small toys like dinosaurs, army men (I used potato head body parts), plastic bin,rice

  1.  Get an empty plastic bin.
  2. Take an empty plastic bin (or bowl),and fill it 1/3 of the way with uncooked rice.
  3.  Bury/Hide the little toys inside the rice.
  4. Have your child dig and look for all of the little toy pieces you hid inside of the rice.
  5. Prompt your child and ask questions about what they find.  Ex:  what color is this dinosaur?  What shape is this toy?



Files for this Assignment:

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