Lindskog – ABL – Name Recognition – 4/16/20

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Hello Pre-k Families,

This is an easy activity you can do at home and can adapt very easily.  (See picture for example)  A video example of this activity is posted on class DOJO and well as our personal class Facebook page.

Materials:  Paper, Marker


  1.  Write Your Child’s name on a piece of paper for a name plate (Big enough that they can put other letters on top of it.
  2. Cut out letters of your child’s name on a separate sheet of paper.
  3. Arrange the letters in front of the child.
  4. have your child match the letters in front of him/her, to the letters on their name plate.


  • Cut extra letter pieces to make it challenging and fun.
  • Mix it up and use different colored paper (different colored construction paper works great!)
  • Arrange letters out of order or backwards to create a game.

Please remember to visit class DOJO and/or our class Facebook page for more examples and ideas.  Please email me any pictures you take of your child’s work.

Stay Safe!

Ms. Tammie


Files for this Assignment:

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