Lund-Reading-Word Sort-4/15/20

Teacher: Lund (


Lund-Reading   Word Sort          Wed. 4/14/20          Hello readers!

In reading, you have done sorts where you read aloud and then grouped words together because they were similar in some ways. Open the attachment to see a picture and words.

    To-Do First:

  • Fold lined or blank paper into thirds or 3 columns or create 3 column document to email back to me at 
  • Copy the yellow words into your columns. 
  • Read and then write the words below into the correct column of your paper. 
  • Copy and complete the sentence with any statement that is true.

I am sorting these words by_____________________ 


  •  the shape of my mouth and the sounds.
  •  the mouth shape, sounds and letter patterns.
  •  their meaning.




Files for this Assignment:

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