Langlois – Lyrics2Learn: Read and Sing Along

Teacher: Langlois (


Every L2L story is broken up into four, 15 minute lessons created to fit
into a weekly independent use routine. If you cannot do it four times a week, twice is fine!  This  helps students build fluency and background knowledge via the choral and repeated reading,

My account is limited, so students will not be able to do the interractive questions . However, this is still an easy and effective activity for daily home reading practice!

Students need to log into Go into Student Log in and type in my name- ilanglois. Then they choose their room number, and the password is donahue. Once they are in they click on the reading and listen to it and sing/read along 3 times. It is important to do it 3 times. This helps them in fluency through repreated reading. I will be changing these every 2 weeks. If there are any issues, then please send me an email at and I will respond asap. Thank you so much!



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