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 Hi friends! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this crazy time! I will be posting one assignment each week and another post reminding you to do Imagine Learning 3 times a week (or more!) for 20  minutes. Here is this week’s assignment: You are going to write about this experience of living through coronovirus.  There are 3 pages for this assignment. Some of you will be able to do all 3 which is great, and for others, maybe the first page will be the one you do. As always, I only ask that  you do your best and try your hardest. 


¡Hola amigos! ¡Espero que todos se mantengan seguros y saludables durante este tiempo loco! Publicaré una tarea cada semana y otra publicación que le recordará que haga Imagine Learning 3 veces por semana (¡o más!) Durante 20 minutos. Aquí está la tarea de esta semana: vas a escribir sobre esta experiencia de vivir a través del coronovirus. Hay 3 páginas para esta tarea. Algunos de ustedes podrán hacer los 3, lo cual es genial, y para otros, tal vez la primera página sea la que hagan. Como siempre, solo te pido que hagas lo mejor que puedas e intentes con todas tus fuerzas.

Name ___________________________            Date________________



Describe yourself and your experiences as someone at home during the spreading of a global virus. Use the sentence starters and frames if they are helpful.


Descríbete a ti mismo y a tus experiencias como alguien en casa durante la propagación de un virus global. Use los enunciados y marcos de oración si son útiles.


I am







Specific Details






My Monologue Sentence Stems #1

I am __________(name). I am living with my  __________.

Word Bank

family                           friend

mom                            dad

grandmother(s)           grandfather(s)

sister(s)                         brothers(s)

aunts                            uncles



I feel _________.

            Word Bank

good                 anxious

bad                   emotional

happy               nervous

sad                    bored


I will take care of myself. I will _______.

Word Bank

talk to a friend          read

exercise                     write

draw                         sing

play                          learn

Every day I ________.

I like ______ but I don’t like ________.

I can ______ but I can’t __________.

I hope  _______.






My Monologue Sentence Stems #2


I am _______(name). I am living with  __________.

Where I am is special  because _________.

When I feel _____  I like to  ________.

             Word Bank




full of energy


Every day I _________________.

I like _____________ but I don’t like ________________.

I can ______________ but I can’t ___________________.

I can’t wait for/to ___________.

I hope  __________ . I believe for things to get better, we can all _____.





My Monologue Sentence Stems #3


I am _______ (name). I am living with  __________. I am feeling _____.

Because my (home/family) is _____, I (think/feel) _____ about ______.

The positive things are _______. For example, _________.

The difficult things are _____. For example, _________.

________ is different now because ___________.

I can’t wait for/to ___________.

When I see someone who feels ____, I can help them by _______.

Through this crisis, I believe we can all  ______ in order to ________.


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