DiCarlo – Math- 3/23

Teacher: DiCarlo (mdicarlo@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Math Assignments for March 23, 2020-March 25, 2020

Multiple Step-Problems

Rafael had $45.00. He bought a set of colored pencils for $4.59 and a book on dinosaurs for $3.65. How much change will Rafael get?

A package of paper costs $5.69 and a pack of ink cartridges costs $45.50. How much do both items cost? How much will Jason spend on 3 packages of paper and 2 packs of ink cartridges?

In Mr. Smith’s class, 7 students have 3 folders and 8 students have 4 folders. How many folders are there altogether?

March is National Women’s History Month. Describe an important woman in your life. Tell why she is important.

Brainpop.com (math and science)


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