Maturo – Grade 6 and 7, Thursday/Friday Challenge! 4/16

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Hey All!

I know you guys are bummed that we haven’t gone on a field trip yet this year, so I’m going to take you on five field trips in one day! That’s right, we are headed to Boston, New York City, London and even Paris! Strap in and click through the slide show for a tour of five amazing museums all across the world!

If you go through all five and answer the 5 attached questions in an email to me (, I will give you a free 100% on class dojo! That’s right– you get to learn new things, see awesome art, AND get a free 100%! How much cooler could it be!?!?!?! (I know, I know, i’m the only one who gets as hyped about museums but still– it’s cool).

Make sure you format your questions like this:

1. The answer to question one is…
2. The answer to question two is…
3. and so on

Let me know if you have any questions!


Files for this Assignment:

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