McCreary (Ms. Gwen) – Music & Movement: Let’s Get Moving! – 4/1/20

Teacher: McCreary (Ms. Gwen) (


Hello Everyone! This activity is just to encourage everyone to get moving. All of room 18 is familiar with this video. It is a fun way to sing the alphabet while moving around. Lets see how many letters you can identify and how many letter sounds you can make. Ready, Set, Dance!


¡Hola a todos! Esta actividad es solo para alentar a todos a ponerse en movimiento. Toda la sala 18 está familiarizada con este video. Es una forma divertida de cantar el alfabeto mientras te mueves. Veamos cuántas letras puedes identificar y cuántos sonidos de letras puedes hacer. ¡Listo, listo, baila!


Files for this Assignment:

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