Platanitis – Math – Number Stories and Sentences- 3/30

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Week of March 30th- April 3rd

Hello Kindergarteners!

I have been thinking about all of you and I am sure you are thinking about everyone at school too! Please check Class Tag for this week’s ideas and activities for learning at home. As always, if you are in need of any help or have any questions or are unable to access the Class tag App, please email me, I am happy to help! 

This week see if you can tell a math story. (See video on Class tag)

You can tell an addition story using things you have at home. 


“I have 2 red stickers and I have 3 green stickers” 


“How many stickers do I have in all?”


“How do you know that?”


We can say a number sentence. “2 and 3 is 5” or “2 + 3 = 5”


You can also practice writing the number sentences! 


Things at home to count: (any safe small objects)

Cereal pieces


Lego bricks


Puzzle pieces



Rice grains

Q tips


Popcorn pieces or kernels 

Playing cards


Have fun counting! Attached is a link to bookflix and some stories all about numbers and MATH! Also a video about ADDITION!

Talk to you all soon! Mrs. Platanitis 


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