Platanitis – Math Activities- 3/25

Teacher: Platanitis (


Hello K Families!
I have really loved seeing Mrs. Winberg and her Fundations videos! I thought you may want to practice some counting with me! On our Class tag page is a video with three different ways to use a hundred chart.
A hundred chart is a chart with the numbers from 1 to 100. It was sent with our packet but you can always practice counting in other ways with whatever you may have in your home!

You can:

Count by 1’s from 1 to 100

Count by 10’s from 1 to 100

Play “What number comes after…” or “What number comes before—”

I miss you all and thank you to those of you who have reached out with pictures and videos! If you would like to contact me directly please do not hesitate to use the class tag messenger or email directly


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