Semidei (Militza), Roldan – Pre K – Math – Wk. 4/6 – Theme: Transportation/shapes

Teacher: Semidei (Militza), Roldan (


“Camioncito Azul” is a great story and we can review couple of Math concepts like colors; Camioncito Azul/blue truck, rana verde/green frog, árbol rojo/red tree, camión de carga amarillo/yellow dump truck, ruedas negras/black tires, vaca marrón o café/brown cow, oveja blanca/white sheep and cerdito rosa/pink pig. Also is good for counting how many animals were in the story like Sr.Axel did during the read aloud.


Now let’s talk about two dimensional shapes. In geometry, a two-dimensional shape can be defined as a flat plane figure or a shape that has two dimensions – length and width. 

Two-dimensional or 2-D shapes do not have any thickness and can be measured in only two faces. A circle (círculo), triangle (triángulo), square (cuadrado), rectangle (rectángulo) are examples of twodimensional shapes


Please choose any of these activities to support your child’s learning on 2-D shapes during this week.

1.Listen, sing and dance: Las formas

LAS FORMAS – Lu Li Pampín Ft. La Brigata Canterina (Official Video) – YouTube


2.Help Barney the truck find 2-D shapes in this video and then look around your house for shapes.

Las Figuras Geometricas – Barney El Camion – Canciones Infantiles Educativas – Video para niños # – YouTube


3.Using any kind of supplies you might have at home make 2-D shapes. Here are some ideas.

5 manualidades infantiles para aprender las formas | Pequeocio


4.Draw or make your favorite color truck using 2-D shapes.


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