Semidei (Militza), Roldan – Pre K – Phonics – Theme: Butterfy Life Cycle – Week of 4/13

Teacher: Semidei (Militza), Roldan (


IMPORTANT TEACHER’S MESSAGE: Although we strongly encourage the practice of skills at home, these ideas are only suggestions to provide you with resources and help you maintain a routine during these unprecedented times.  Please complete with your child only what works for your family’s needs. We appreciate all of your effort!


Review our Estrellitas curriculum sounds and gestures.  Encourage students to make hand gestures.

Letra O – de oruga 

La letra O canción –

Palabras con Letra O

Aprende la vocal O

Letra O Monosilabo-

Arts and craft with letra O. O is for oruga.

1.  Color and cut one paper plate to represent the letter O. This will be the head.  Color 4 or 5 more paper plates for the body. Glue one plate onto the other to form the caterpillar. The paper plate cut will be the head.  Add antenas out of chenille stems, eyes and ready. Send us pictures of your O orugas. Can’t wait to see your wonderful art.

2.  Oruga articulada (articulated caterpillar) –  Fold paper into a long half. Start cutting vertically from the folded part ¾ down without going to the edge of paper.  Make cuts all along the folder paper. Take the paper and unfold it to make an accordion. Glue top to bottom to make the letter O and add caterpillar head and antennae. See video.

Have fun and send us pictures!  



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