Semidei (Militza), Roldan – Pre K – Reading and Writing – Theme: Butterfly Life Cycle -Week of 4/13

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IMPORTANT TEACHER’S MESSAGE: Although we strongly encourage the practice of skills at home, these ideas are only suggestions to provide you with resources and help you maintain a routine during these unprecedented times.  Please complete with your child only what works for your family’s needs. We appreciate all of your effort!


Lety y la lechuga by Jenny Feely

Based on a traditional English rhyme  (Little Arabella Miller) Leti Lechuga (lettuce) y su oruga is a girl who finds a caterpillar.  Leti loves her caterpillar and shows it to the members of her family. But… one day the caterpillar begins to change.  Very soon, Leti Lechuga no longer has a caterpillar. She has a beautiful butterfly! With this beautiful read aloud children will learn about the life cycle of the butterfly: huevo, oruga, crisalida, mariposa.

Key Concepts: Families like to share things with each other.  Some insects have life cycles where they look different at each stage.

  1. Background knowledge and vocabulary

To build background knowledge please select one of the song links and have your child watch the video every time before the read aloud.  The song showcases the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Canción de oruga a mariposa

Additional songs and videos…

Beautiful story about sharing and the life cycle of the butterfly: Los zapatos del gusano

Fun songs about Mariposita

Lifecycle of a butterfly


Vocabulary for the butterfly life cycle  theme

Mariposa – butterfly                                          Crisalida – chrysalis

Huevo – egg oruga –                                        caterpillar

Transformacion – transformation                     cambio – change

Ciclo -cycle 

Click on the link to see the vocabulary picture cards.


  1. Lety Lechuga y su oruga Read Aloud –click on the link to have your child watch and listen to  the story.

First reading with teacher commentary to help with comprehension…

Second reading without teacher commentary to build comprehension…

Discussion Questions after the read aloud – please select a couple each time.  We want children to think deeper when asking questions.  These questions are called open ended and allow for different answers each time.

Before reading –  Pause on the cover page and ask.

  • What do you see on the cover?
  • What do you think the story will be about? How do you know?
  • What do you think will happen with the caterpillar?

After reading – select a couple per every time they watch the read aloud.

  • Who are the characters in the story?  Where does the story take place? What happens first, next and last?
  • What happened to the caterpillar Leti Lechuga found?
  • What do you think the other family members of Leti Lechuga  thought about the caterpillar? Why?
  • What other animals that live in the garden do you see in the book?
  • Do you like finding animals like the caterpillar?  What animals have you found?
  • What did Leti give to the caterpillar to eat?  Was that the right choice? Why not?
  • How did Leti Lechuga feel when the caterpillar transformed? How do you know?
  • Why do caterpillars change into butterflies?
  • Why is the life cycle important to the butterflies?
  1. Writing Suggestions – Parents please write the sentence frame for the students. They only need to fill in the line.  Always try to model starting sentences with upper case letters, using spaces (espacios) and ending with a period (punto).
Draw a family portrait on paper.  Write about what your family likes to do.

A mi familia le gusta___. 

Sound out their family names and label. 

Draw your favorite part of the story and complete the sentence stem…

Mi parte favorita de el cuento fue ______. 

Encourage students to share with you why it was their favorite part in complete sentences.

Remember to label if you can.

Draw a caterpillar and write why you like them. 

Me gustan las orugas porque  ____.

Encourage students to share with you or another family member why they like caterpillars.

Fold a paper into four parts and number each one.  Draw the life cycle of the butterfly in each space..


Fun Friday! On Friday do an art and craft if you like…. See ideas below.

Art and crafts

Have fun and don’t forget to send us pictures of your work!  


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