Semidei (Militza), Roldan – Pre K – STEM – Theme: Butterfy Life Cycle – Week of 4/13

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IMPORTANT TEACHER’S MESSAGE: Although we strongly encourage the practice of skills at home, these ideas are only suggestions to provide you with resources and help you maintain a routine during these unprecedented times.  Please complete with your child only what works for your family’s needs. We appreciate all of your effort!


Lets learn a little about the life cycle of a butterfly.


A butterfly lays  eggs on a leaf. The eggs are small and round. At first the eggs are yellow and they slowly turn brown.


After about 5 days, a caterpillar hatches from the egg! It is black when it hatches.

The caterpillar is very hungry and it eats all the time. It eats the leaves on which it hatches.  They eat leaves and flowers till they become bigger and bigger.

As they grow bigger their skin keeps falling off and they get new skin and it changes from black to green.


When the caterpillar is fully grown it hangs upside down and wraps itself in a cocoon, like a blanket.

The cocoon is called a pupa or chrysalis.  The pupa is green.


The caterpillar starts changing inside the pupa. It slowly transforms into a butterfly!

After some days a beautiful butterfly comes out!!

At first the butterfly is small and tired. It flaps its wings to exercise them and learns to fly. Soon it is ready to fly!

Watch the video: Lifecycle of a butterfly

In keeping with our oruga/mariposa theme… . Please select the one your child likes best.

LIFE CYCLE HAT – This science project and art activity in one is a memorable way to help kids learn about the four stages of the butterfly life cycle: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and (the most exciting of all!) butterfly. It’s a perfect addition to a life cycle unit, spring science activity or homeschool project.

CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY SCIENCE ACTIVITY WITH BALLOONS –  Surprise your little scientist with this caterpillar and butterfly science activity with balloons.  All it takes are a few items from around the house to create this science experiment! Are you ready for this Butterfly STEM challenge?

Have fun and send us pictures of you STEM activities!


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