Miller ELA – Does streaming music help or hurt musicians? 4/6/20 – 4/10/20

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Hey Guys and Gals!

This week we are going to analyze the music industry.  I have put together two conflicting opinions on streaming music on our devices.  Please read, annotate and decide where you stand on this issue.  The writing task can be found in Google Classroom.

Please submit work anytime during the week and I will provide feedback in that same forum.  For example, when you turn in an assignment in Google Classroom I will give feedback through Google Classroom.

newsela – Music sales soar in the U. S. Please continue to annotate your gist notes in the right hand margin by highlighting a section of text and write your thinking in the text box. I am able to read these notes and give you feedback in the same section. Please be sure to look back at the assignment to view my notes on your annotations and quiz. – Can the music industry survive the streaming revolution?  Cut and paste the following address into your browser to see an interview with Roseanne Cash and discover the impact of streaming music from an artist’s perspective.

Google Classroom – Where do you stand on the issue?  Your writing task awaits!  For further instructions and the writing prompt please log into our classroom.

There is no Flocabuary this week however, check back to your lessons as I provide feedback and reset assignments when necessary.

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