Miller – ELA: Growth Mindset – Week of 3/30

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Hey 8th Graders!

Here we go into week two of our online learning.  I am going to condense our lesson options to one post.  Within this post you will find a variety of opportunities to explore growth mindset.

  1.  newselaWhy your mindset matters.  Please log in to our Clever portal and check out this article.  As you read be sure to use the annotating option in the right hand column, try the short multiple choice quiz and the brief writing prompt at the end.  I am able to give feedback directly through newsela so be sure to check back! 
  2. Flocabulary – Growth Mindset Please log in to our Clever portal and go to Flocabulary.  I have assigned a new unit on growth mindset.  You know the drill here, watch the video and do the vocab cards.  Please try to incorporate a couple of illustrations with your cards.  You know how much I appreciate your pictures.  Move on to the Vocab Game and Read and Respond.  If you need me to reassign an activity let me know but anticipate it will not be an immediate reset.  Lastly take the quiz and have some fun with Lyric Lab!
  3. Alex Hannold free climbs El Capitan video – copy and paste the following link and check out this incredible video.  This is what is possible when you believe you can and train your mind and body to achieve to do so!
  4. Pursuit of Happyness – Will Smith and son Jaden star in this based on a true story movie about a man and his son’s struggle for a better life.  This movie is free on Netflix.
  5. iReady – iReady is also available through our Clever portal.  There are a number of different lessons at your individualized reading level.  Feel free to use iReady at anytime as I can check in with the site remotely.
  6. Reader to Reader – Students participating in this literacy program please update me on your communication with your mentors
  7. Reading Log Calendar – you know the deal!
  8. Google Classroom – please log into our classroom to check out the writing prompt on growth mindset for this week.

Take care and I hope to hear and see you soon!

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