Miller -ELA – What Would Greta Say? Week 4/27-5/1

Teacher: Miller (


Hi Everyone!

This week we are going to take a close look at marine pollution.  You will meet a young environmental activist and have the opportunity to write a speech defending our oceans.  No small task!  I have embedded all links to the readings and videos right in Google Classroom in an attempt to streamline the assignments.

Please submit work anytime during the week and I will provide feedback in that same forum.  For example, when you turn in an assignment in Google Classroom I will give feedback through Google Classroom.

Other things you can also be working on:

iReady – iReady is also available through our Clever portal.  There are a number of different lessons at your individualized reading level.  Feel free to use iReady at anytime as I can check in with the site remotely.

Reader to Reader – Students participating in this literacy program please update me on your communication with your mentors

Reading Log Calendar – you know the deal!  I now your calendars only go up through April.  Feel free to print one out for May and June or use your school issued student agenda.

Nitro Type – Need a quick break?  I have added Nitro Type to our Clever portal!

Until the next time…


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