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Hello Grade 4 Dolphins!

I hope each of you had an amazing weekend!  Mine was great, I spent a lot of time outside with the family playing games, riding bikes, and getting some yard work done.  I was also able to do several family zooms.  It is amazing that I can be here and see and speak with family all over the country!

What’s New

Remote Learning Schedule

This week I have created a remote learning schedule that outlines what you will need to do each day for ELA.  This schedule will be updated and posted every Sunday night.  This week’s schedule is attached to this posting at the bottom under the title Week of April 13.  It contains your assignments for the week.  I have also posted the remote learning schedule in our google classroom under Week of April 13 -Remote Learning Schedule.

Virtual Field Trips

When you open the schedule, you will see that I have assigned several virtual field trips.  You may choose which field trip you would like to go on and then complete a mini-project about what you learned.  The project could be a video, slideshow, a drawing or a short essay.  Really, it can be almost anything you can think of!  You can either e-mail, dojo or share them with me when you are finished.

Daily Schedule:
Posted Readings- 30 minutes – reading and answering the questions from the Readworks article of your choosing

Writing – 15 minutes – On days with no field trip you can choose to do writing in your 4 square journal or a journal of your choosing.

Virtual Field Trip w/project or Word Game – 30 minutes

Independent Reading- 30 minutes – Independent reading (this is a great time to use

30 Minutes – Art/Technology/ Integrated Arts (Check out what all of the specials teachers have  posted on both Hps at home and Dojo)

30 Minutes – Math (see Mrs. Rodriguez’s assignment posts)

30 Minutes – Physical Activity (Ms. Kennedy has posted some great suggestions)


If you can’t get outside, check out this website for some amazing movement breaks

Weekly Zoom Schedule:

Monday 9:30 am – 10:15 am with Mr. Monge

Tuesday 9:30 am – 10:15 am with Mrs. Rodriguez

Friday 9:30 am – 10:15 am with both

Office Hours:

I am also available to meet individually on zoom. Please send a dojo message or e-mail to schedule a time.

I miss all of you and as always, please reach out with any questions.

Mr. Monge


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