Moussette-ELA-Letter of the week- 4/23/20

Teacher: Moussette (


Circle time:

  • The days of the week. What day is it today, what day was it yesterday, what day will it be tomorrow?
  • Months of the year.
  • Count from 1-10 and backwards 10-1.
  • The weather (throughout the week, have the children tell you the changes they see).
  • Review the number of the week (7)
  • Review the letter of the week (V)

Music and Movement:

Story Time: The Rainbow Fish

Academic Lesson: Letter of the week

This week we are going to learn how to write the letter V.


  • Please watch the video of Ms. Bri writing the letter V below.

  • On a blank piece of paper, a white board or even the palm of your hand, Lets practice writing the letter V!
  • It is important to recite how to write the letter V while your child is practicing. (Slant left, Slant up) These are the words you will use while writing the letter V.
  • Once you practice writing the letter (V) talk about things around your house that start with the letter V.


Files for this Assignment:

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