Moussette-Social Skills- Emotions- 4/13

Teacher: Moussette (


Circle time:

  • The days of the week. What day is it today? what day was it yesterday? what day will it be tomorrow?
  • Months of the year.
  • Count from 1-10 and backwards 10-1.
  • The weather (throughout the week, have the children tell you the changes they see).
  • Review the number of the week (6)
  • Review the letter of the week (I)

Let us do some reading!

Brain Break: Let’s get moving!

Academic Activity:

During this uncertain time, it is important to show/ tell our children how we are feeling. It is also very important for our students to express how they feel. Below are our zones of regulations

Red : Out of control

  • Yelling/hitting
  • Elated
  • Mad/angry
  • Terrified

Yellow: Starting to lose control:

  • Frustrated
  • excited
  • worried
  • silly/wiggly

Green: Ready to learn

  • Feeling okay
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Focused

Blue : Moving slowly

  • Tired
  • Sick
  • Sad
  • Bored


Steps for our activity:

  • Review each zone and what they mean.
  • Explain to your child what zone you are in or how you are feeling.
  • Have you child express how they are feeling and have them figure out what zone they fall in.
  • Have your child draw a picture of the zone they are in and how they are feeling.
  • Compare and contrast the zones you and your child are in. Are you in the same zone? Are you in different zones?
  • If you are in a red, yellow or blue zone talk about ways you could get yourself into the green zone. (Could you take a few deep breaths, go for a walk, take a nap..etc.)
  • Make sure you talk to your children about how important it is to tell people how you feel and what is making you feel this way.

As always, if you complete an activity please send a picture on Dojo!


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