Moussette – Number correspondence and ID

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Good Morning!

Circle time:

  • The days of the week. What day is it today, what day was it yesterday, what day will it be tomorrow?
  • Months of the year.
  • Count from 1-10 and backwards 10-1.
  • The weather (throughout the week, have the children tell you the changes they see).
  • Review the number of the week (5)

Academic Activity:

  1. Review the video attached below. This video will teach your child how to write the number 5.

While practicing the number 5 you can use these model words. “ Slide down, come around, put a hat on the top to make the number five

  1. Attached  is a number correspondence and ID activity, This is an easy activity to tier up or down for your own child. Here are some directions:
  1. On a piece of paper you are going to write numbers 1-10.
  2. Find objects in your house that you can use to count. (example, Cheerios, marshmallows, chocolate chips..etc..)
  3. Have the children place the correct amount of their object on the corresponding number that is written down.
  4. Lets see how creative we can get 🙂

**  Have fun and as always please send me a picture on Dojo if you complete this activity.**


Files for this Assignment:

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