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Please make sure you read this post carefully!  There is important information about the REASON why Mr.G is assigning this particular activity.

Hello 7th and 8th Grade!

All 7th and 8th grade Ethnic Studies teachers in Holyoke will be meeting early next week to discuss the online learning assignments that we will be putting on this site for student enrichment.  We are not sure exactly what those assignments will be just yet but we do know that it will be centered around the book “The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano.”  If we were still in school, we would have started this book next week.  This piece of historical fiction is about a  teenage Puerto Rican girl living in Spanish Harlem in 1969.   This was a time of big changes in America and the Vietnam War was at its peak.  One of the big themes of the book centers around a group of activists called the Young Lords Organization.  The YLO wanted to bring about big changes to American society.  Since we will be reading this book together as part of our online enrichment learning, I thought it would be good for you to review the Young Lord’s 13 points.  The 13 points are the core beliefs of the Young Lords Organization and state very clearly why these people joined together to form the organization itself.  I would like you to read these points and think very carefully about what they say.  I would also like you to consider if you agree or disagree with each point as you read it.  As we read the book together (starting at the end of next week,) it is important that you understand who the Young Lords are and know why they do the things that they do.  After reading, you can answer the six questions that will help you to think about the beliefs of the Young Lords and understand what role they play in the book we will be reading.  You can click “enable editing” at the top of the word document and type your responses directly in the document and then submit your work to me on google classroom or through this site.  Or if you wish, you can answer the questions in writing on a separate piece of paper and take a photo of it.  You can then attach the photo to an email and send it to me that way as well.  My email is…

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