Killian – Health: Screen time & Physical Activity

Teacher: Killian (


Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the time with your families. I also hope you that you are getting a chance to exercise regularly and limiting time on your mobile devices!  This activity is to get you thinking about how much time you spend with a screen in front of you. Are you getting enough exercise?   I hope to see you all soon!

Title: Debunking Dr. Screen

Objectives: Students will:

-Learn way too much screen time is not good for you.

-Identify alternatives to screen time.


-Pen or pencil and paper

Articles: Why Exercise Is Wise-Teenshealth,  Are Video Games Good For The Mind?-Teenshealth.

Discussion Questions:

-Health experts say too much screen time can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Do you agree? Why or why not?

-Do you think its true that people act like they are “addicted” to their screens? (phones, tablets, video games?) Name some problems with spending too much time to a screen?


Activity:  You have just seen the world’s craziest infomercial. Dr. Screen is encouraging people to spend as much time as possible in front of  a screen. He says:

-Leaving the tv on in your bedroom helps you sleep at night.

-moving a computer mouse burns hundreds of calories a day

-Playing heart-p0unding video games counts as aerobic exercise

-Sitting on a couch texting is a an effective way to exercise the gluteus maximus.

-Texting helps build social skills.

Luckily you know better. Write a letter to the tv station explaining point by point why Dr. Screen’s infomercial should be canned. Include the reasons why too much screen time isn’t good for you, and some healthier activities kids and teens should be doing instead. Feel free to turn in to me when we reconvene back at school!


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