Killian – Jealth: Nutrition, Healthy Breakfast

Teacher: Killian (



Objectives: The Students will:

-Identify foods typically eaten for breakfast

-Plan healthy choices for breakfast


-Old magazines and newspapers

-Tape or glue art supplies (paint, markers, crayons)

Article: “Ready, Set Breakfast -Kidshealth”

Discussion Questions:

-Why is eating breakfast so important?  Do you eat breakfast? Why or why not?  Do you see or feel a difference in yourself when you do or do not eat breakfast?

-What are some healthy foods I can eat for breakfast?

Activity: The chef at a new restaurant “Great Beginnings” is planning a morning menu. She needs help to put together healthy choices for breakfast. Think about what you usually eat or see others eat for breakfast. Examples of healthy breakfast items include oatmeal, milk, eggs, yogurt, fruit, peanut butter and whole grain cereal, bread or waffles. Cut out pictures of healthy breakfast foods from a magazine and glue them to the “great beginnings” handout. Be sure to include a variety of different foods and drinks.  If you cannot access the “great beginnings” handout, you can simply glue the foods on a piece of paper.  Make sure you add a title to your breakfast and get ready for opening day at “Great beginnings!”


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