Parker- ART– Homemade Puffy Paint Recipe with Shaving Cream v

Teacher: Parker (


Hey Awesome Artists!  Lets have some fun making a really interesting kind of paint we can use! It takes less than 5 minutes to make, and is a blast to use!  For my younger artists, you can experiment with the paint after you make it.  Use your fingers and hands to paint with it if you feel brave enough, and get a sense for how it feels to use. If you have brushes or any other painting tool, you can use that as well.  For my older artists, you can also have some fun handling it and using your hands or fingers to paint with it, but I want you to also create a painting.  I would like my older artists to create an “abstract” painting with this puffy paint.  You can use your fingers, hands, brushes if you have them, or anything else you can think of.  I would LOVE to see your results! Have fun!

Here is the link for this activity:

For my older artists, here is a link you can check out that will give you some info about “Abstract” Painting:


Files for this Assignment:

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