Stamas – Area Builder Game

Teacher: Stamas (


In this fun game, students apply their engineering design skills to build geometric shapes with a given area and perimeter!  It’s a great opportunity to visualize mathematical relationships and to see the connections between numbers and shapes.


  • On the iPad, open a browser and enter:
  • Click on “Math” in the yellow circle
  • Click on “Area Builder” in the upper left
  • Click on the play arrow in the grey circle in the Area Builder box.
  • Or, click on this link:
  • Click on “Explore”
  • Play around with the app.  You can drag and drop squares from the violet bucket into the white grid. What does the eraser do?  How does checking the boxes change things?
  • Click on “Game” at the bottom of your screen and choose level 1.
  • Your goal is to build a shape with a particular area.  Drag and drop the shapes into the larger white area until you have built a figure with that area.
  • Click on “Check” to see if you are right.
  • If level 1 is too easy or you finish it, go on to level 2.  In level 2, your goal is to build shapes with a particular areas and perimeters.
  • Level 3 asks you to type in the area of a particular shape.
  • What is the highest level you can finish?  Email a screen shot or create a google doc and share it with:
  • The winner will be nominated for online student of the week!

Parents and guardians can message me on or email me for help or to answer any questions.  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  Be well!


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