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It’s been great hearing back from students through email, pictures, and google docs!  Folks are working hard and doing an excellent job exploring science and engineering concepts at home.

Great news, NASA has created a new website for middle school students and it is awesome!


  1. On iPad, open an internet browser, and enter
  2. Click on “NASA AT HOME”
  3. Click on “For Kids & Families”
  4. Click on  kids in grades 5 through 8
  5. Or click this link:
  6. Pick two or more activities listed under Play It!, Train Like an Astronaut!, Build It, Watch It, etc.
  7. Create a google doc named with your name that completes this sentence for each activity: “One new thing I learned from _____[name of activity]_____ was _____________________________________________________ .
  8. Share your google doc with 

For the 3D sketching assignments from last week, you can submit pictures of your work directly from your iPad by selecting “use camera.” 




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