Stamas – Patterns: Suzie the Artist

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In this fun online game, help Suzie the Artist pick paint colors to use based on an interesting pattern!

Vocabulary: A pattern is an arrangement or sequence that can be predicted using math or logic.  Graphs, charts and images can be used to identify patterns and provide information about systems.


  1. Click on this link:
  2. Read the webpage. Your goal is to view Suzie’s first five color combinations and for you to find the remaining two based on a pattern.
  3. To play the game on a desktop, laptop, or iPad, hit the light blue button that says “Play Suzie the Artist”
  4. To play the game on a smartphone, hit the purple button that says “Play Suzie the Artist.”
  5. Select “Game 1: Number Series”
  6. In the game, type in the red, blue, and green percentages for the next color in the sequence, and then hit the “Check” button to see how you did. Hints appear when you are wrong. Hint: think about how the numbers for each color are increasing.
  7. If you win four rounds, you move up a level to “Game 2: Number Pairs.”
  8. What is the highest level can you get to? Take a screen shot an email it to:

I wish everyone the best during these difficult times. I can be reached via email or via the messaging feature on Class Dojo. Please feel free to contact me.


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