Stamas – Stem: 3D Sketching – 3/23

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This week, we will practice our valuable STEM skills by learning 3D sketching!

The instructions are simple, and you can do it at home to create all kinds of cool 3D drawings and artwork!


3D means three-dimensional. An image on a screen or paper is two-dimensional. In the real world, physical space is three-dimensional. For example, everything has a length, a width, and a height.

Materials Needed:

blank paper, pencil, ruler


  1. See Picture 1. Begin by using a metric ruler to mark a dot every centimeter (cm). If you don’t have a metric ruler, mark a dot every half inch.
  2. See Picture 2. Mark a second row of dots above or below the first row.
  3. See Picture 3. Use the ruler to draw a series of parallel lines, connecting dots above and below.

I will have Day 2 of this lesson posted soon. These lessons are online/home modifications of Project Lead the Way, one of the nation’s leading STEM education programs.

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