Stamas – Stem: 3D Sketching – 3/24

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Assignment for Day 2:

Today, we’ll have fun practicing our STEM skills by creating a grid to sketch in 3 dimensions!

Make sure you have completed the Day 1 assignment first. If you are behind, don’t worry–we got this!


An equilateral triangle is a triangle for which all three sides have the same length.

Materials Needed:

Paper with drawn parallel lines from Day 1, Pencil, Ruler, Protractor (optional)


  1. View the pictures in “Associated Files” below.
  2. Turn your  ruler 60 degrees. Repeat the procedure from Day 1 to create a second series of parallel lines that intersect at 60 degree angles with the set of lines you drew on Day 1.
  3. Continue this process to create the cross-hatched pattern shown in the pictures. Always use a ruler when making lines.

Day 3 of this lesson will be posted tomorrow. If you are behind, don’t worry. You can do multiple days at a time, but please do them in order (Day 1, then Day 2, then Day 3, etc.)

These lessons are online/home modifications of Project Lead the Way.

Feel free to message me on for two-way communication or to email me at any time. I will respond as soon as possible.


Files for this Assignment:

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