Stamas – Stem: 3D Sketching – 3/25

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Assignment for Day 3:

Today, we’ll finish making 3D graph paper that will allow us to sketch in three dimensions!

Please complete the Day 1 and Day 2 assignments before this one. If you are behind, don’t worry, but please do the lessons in order.

Math Fact:

In an equilateral triangle, all three sides have the same length and each angle inside the triangle is equal to 60 degrees. Note that 60 x 3 = 180. All triangles’ three inside angles add to exactly 180 degrees.

Materials Needed:

Paper with cross-hatched lines from Day 2, Pencil, Ruler, Protractor (optional)


  1. View the pictures attached to this post.
  2. Orient your paper so it looks like a pattern of diamonds (parallelograms).
  3. Use the ruler to draw parallel lines that split each diamond exactly in half.
  4. Continue this process to fill the page with a pattern of equilateral triangles.

In Day 4 of this lesson, we will use the 3D sketching paper you have created to make a 3D sketch  and learn more about how engineers make diagrams!

These lessons are online/home modifications of STEM concepts and skills taught by Project Lead the Way, a leading program in STEM education.

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I hold you all in my thoughts and prayers. Let’s stay positive and get through this together!



Files for this Assignment:

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