Stamas – Stem: 3D Sketching – 3/26

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Assignment for Day 4:

Today, we’ll use the 3D graph paper we created in the previous lessons to sketch a 6 x 6 cube!


3D graph paper is also known as isometric graph paper. Isometric means “having equal dimensions.”  It is made of equilateral triangles with equal sides.  Engineers use isometric diagrams to show a 3-dimensional perspective with width, depth, and height.

Materials Needed:

3D (isometric) graph paper from Day 3, Pencil, Ruler, Colored pencils (optional)


  1. View the picture attached to this post. (Or, try without looking–your choice!)
  2. Use your 3D graph paper to draw a 6 x 6 cube as in the picture. The width, depth and height should all be 6 units long.
  3. Label the front, right, and top of the cube.
  4. Label the width, depth, and height of the cube.

Congratulations! You’ve made a technical drawing just like those in professional engineering design plans!  Take a picture of it and email it to

Extension Activity:

Create your own 3D drawing or artwork inside or around the cube. Take a picture and email it to — I would love to see it!

These lessons are online/home modifications of STEM concepts and skills taught by Project Lead the Way, a leading program in STEM education.

Feel free to email me or message me using the messaging feature on (Type this URL directly into the https:// bar if you get an error message or cannot connect to

I hold you all in my thoughts and prayers. Let’s stay positive and get through this together!



Files for this Assignment:

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