Boyer – ESL: Activities (Grades 2 – 3) – Week 3/30

Teacher: Boyer (


Hi My Friends,

I hope that you are all healthy and well.  Here are some more grammar activities for you to practice at home!


Mrs. Boyer


Read each sentence.  Look at the highlighted part. Choose the correct sentence by putting an  X next to the letter .

Lee cada oracion . Mira a la parte que está sombreada , luego escoge la oración correcta y  pones una X al lado de la oración correcta.


1.) Me and Jan rided bikes yesterday.


A.)Me and Jan rode


B.)Jan and I rode


C.)Jan and I rided


2.) Dr. Allen gived her some medicine.


A.) Dr. Allen give 


B.) Dr. allen gave


C.) Dr. Allen gave



3.) Ana were absent Thursday.


A.) Ana been absent Thursday.


B.) Ana was absent Thursday.


C.) Ana being absent Thursday.




Files for this Assignment:

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