Maliga – BrainPop Jr.

Teacher: Maliga (


Hi everyone!  I will be using an Educational Website called Brainpop Jr. each week for all students to participate in fun health lessons.  Just type in to get to the site from your device.  When you get to the site you will need to type in our username and password to access the site.

  • Username:  Health-123

  • Password:  morgan123

When you access the website click on Health. Throughout the week I will tell you which topic to click on, for example “Be Well”, and the lesson to complete, for example “Exercise”. Press play to watch the short movie, then take the quiz below.  You can choose whether or not you want to take the “Hard Quiz” or the “Easy Quiz”. You can also choose to complete several other fun activities after watching the movie which are listed below the movie!   The topics are very similar to The Great Body Shop.


You can send me a message on how well you did on the quiz, or even post a picture!  Also, I’ve been added to Ms. Wickham’s, Ms Peckham’s and Ms Torres’ Classroom dojo if you want to message me there!

Miss you all and I will post your first assignment/activity for the week shortly!


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