Rock – Grade 1 Race to a Dollar

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Good Morning Room 2 Students and Families!

Here are some easy math games you can play at home using materials you have already.

Look around your house and see if you can find and count a collection of 100 items. They can be raisins you will eat for your snack, 100 toothpicks from the kitchen cabinet, or even a collection of  toys or treasures from your room! Count them to 100 and back. Can you count them by 5s? How about 10s?

I am attaching directions for a game you can play at home with a family member. Playing these games will help you to get really good at counting to 100, and using tens and ones to make numbers up to 100.


Don’t forget to email me photos of the great math activities you’re doing. Have fun and have a great week!


Files for this Assignment:

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