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Teacher: Vollinger (Mrs. V) (lvolinger@hps.holyoke.ma.us)




Go to Epic https://www.getepic.com

Search for the book If

Listen to story pause between each page and make a prediction about what might happen

Turn the page to see if you were correct



With prompting and support, make predictions about what happens next in a picture book after examining and discussing the illustrations.


Letter I video



Watch video of Engage NY lesson 13

module 4 lesson13

PK.CC.4 Count many kinds of concrete objects and actions up to ten, using one-to-one correspondence,
and accurately count as many as seven things in a scattered configuration.

Essential Question: How does counting tell us how many? How does it tell us which is first and last?

Go to happynumbers.com

Use class code 206 506

Click on your student’s name 

Click on assignments

Go to checked assignments for practice

Lastly let’s do something we always had fun with. Let’s go on a Bear Hunt and sing loud and proud!

Bear Hunt https://youtu.be/5_ShP3fiEhU


Files for this Assignment:

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