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Happy Monday!



Go to Epic https://www.getepic.com

Search What happens in the Spring Birds in Spring

Listen to story and answer 5 questions at the end.

Draw a bird and dictate or write 1 fact you learned



With prompting and support, recall important facts from an informational text


Go to happynumbers.com

Use class code 206 506

Click on your student’s name 

Click on assignments

Go to checked assignment weight

Review of lesson 8 PK.MD.2 (weight)

Essential Question: How does measurement help us compare objects?

Compare the attributes of length and weight for two objects, including heavier/lighter

Passwords for HappyNumbers.com

Adrian Quiles Marrero    34

Aiden Guzman               41

Amaya Vega       42

Briannily Colon Rosado 32

Dylan Rivas                    35

Hadi Saddiqui                 52

Jmanuel Rivera       14

 Peyton Vazquez             44

 Rey Torres Mendez      43

 Ryan Torres                  51

 Tristan Davis                 32

 Angel Rodriguez Rivera  24

Nelson Ramos               54

 Zuleyra Ortiz Merced    31

Marly Duterville             55

 Aneyshkalis Ortiz Merced   20

 Angel Antonetty III         23

 Elian Lozada                22

Adrianna Rosario Torres   11

 Austin Ortiz Rodriguez     12

Alexavier White            15

Xoseniel Laboy            40

 Josiah Cruz                21


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