Cartegena – Special Ed (Grade 2): Math – Week of 3/30

Teacher: Cartagena (


I am going to send activities twice a week. Please know it is not necessary to complete all of them but they are just small amounts of practice to keep you connected with the learning process. Today I would love to have you try to log into Freckle ( class code 5EJ3UT) enter your name and last name, pick your avatar and follow the instructions.  I would like for you to try the activities. First, click “From my teacher” page. After clicking “From my teacher” there will be an assignment called #11- Base 10 .I hope this is all understandable and not too difficult. This is very new for all of us and is the first time I am doing it as well. Please contact me and if anything is not working or unclear please feel free to text me at 413-896-4216 or email me at I am available all day and will be checking my phone constantly.

My assignments:

Grade 2 of 3/30/2020


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