Gosselin, Rodriguez- Grade 2 math challenge-4/8

Teacher: Gosselin, Rodriguez (mrgosselin@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Good morning second graders,

For this weeks math challenge we would like you to sort different items in your house and help your grown-ups at the same time. Look around your house and count how many of something you have.

For example:

Legos- Can you sort them by color? Can you sort them by size or shape?

Socks- Socks come in pairs. Count by twos and how many do you have?

Forks or spoons- Count how many. Do you have an equal amount?

Next- take a pile and add or subtract. What if you add 20? How many would you have? What if you take 10 away? Now how many to you have?

Take a picture or video, write out equations on a piece of paper.

You may also fine this activity on Class Dojo.

Can’t wait to see your work.


Ms.G and Ms. Rodriguez


Files for this Assignment:

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