Mauhs Pugh – 4th Grade Spanish AND English – SUGGESTED SCHEDULE

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¡Muy buenos días! Cómo avisé ayer, Mrs. Acevedo y yo hemos creado un horario sugerido (un total de ~3 horas cada día y 1.5 horas los viernes). Empezando el lunes, estaremos posteando este horario cada día con enlaces a los trabajos específicos para ese día. Este es sólo una pauta aproximada; por favor, siéntese libre a adaptarlo a su propio horario.

Good morning! Mrs. Acevedo and I have created a suggested schedule (for a total of ~3 hours every day and 1.5 hours on Fridays). Starting Monday, we will be posting this schedule every day with links to the specific work for that day. This is just a guideline; please feel free to adapt it to your own schedule.

Suggested Time Spanish Day 

Monday and Wednesday

English Day

Tuesday and Thursday

20 min iReady iReady
10 min Math fluency: ABCYa, Math Games Math Fluency: ABCYa or Quizizz
45-60 min Integrated lesson of the day on Google Classroom (science, reading, writing, math) Flocabulary- ELA, Writing, and Social Studies Lessons (2)
30-40 min Specials & Creative/Active Time

Go Noodle (Clever)

Specials & Creative/Active Time

Go Noodle (Clever)

30 min iStation Google Classroom – Writing (Response to daily prompts)
30 min Independent Reading (Epic, personal books, NewsELA)

Imagine Learning (Clever)

Independent Reading (Epic, personal books, StoryLineOnline)


Suggested Time Friday Schedule (Half Day)
20 min iReady
10 min Math fluency
30-40 min Specials & Creative/Active Time
20-30 min Independent Reading


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