Mauhs Pugh – 4th Grade Spanish – Ecosistemas/Ecosystems 4/6

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¡Buenos días! Encontrará abajo nuestro horario sugerido para hoy. Más instrucciones para la actividad del día están debajo de la tabla.

Good morning! Please find below our suggested schedule for today. Further instructions for the activity of the day are below the table.


Suggested Time/Tiempo sugerido
Spanish Day 


20 min iReady
10 min Math fluency: Go to Math Games  and choose a game to play and work on some of those math facts! I recommend Buzz (can be played with two people, but also great if you have multiple children working on multiplication facts or factors and multiples!):

Fluidez matemática: Ir a Math Games y escoger un juego para jugar. Recomiendo Buzz (se puede jugar con 2 personas, ¡o con múltiples niñ@s que están trabajando las tablas de multiplicar o factores y múltiplos!):

  • Choose a number between 2 and 9. The first student says 1, the next student says 2, and so on.
  • Instead of saying a multiple of the selected number, the student says “buzz.”
  • If a player forgets to say buzz or says it at the wrong time, he or she is out.
  • Continue until the group reaches the last multiple of the number times 9.
  • For example, if “2” is chosen. The first students says “1,” the next student says “buzz,” the next students says “3,” the next student says “buzz,” and so on until 18 (2 x 9) is reached.
45-60 min 1. If you have not completed the Acertijo Animal activity (and it’s a long one!), please work on that today. Si no has completado la actividad Acertijo Animal, por favor trabaja en ella hoy.

2. If you have completed that activity, go ahead and get started on the Ecosistemas/Ecosystems activity! ¡Si lo has completado, puedes empezar la actividad de Ecosistemas!

30-40 min Specials & Creative/Active Time – Especiales y tiempo creativo/activo

Go Noodle (Clever)

30 min iStation
30 min Independent Reading/Lectura independiente (Epic, personal books/libros personales, NewsELA)


Imagine Learning (Clever)


Esta actividad contiene tres partes/This activity contains three parts:

  1. Ecosistemas/Ecosystems
  2. ¡Brain Break!
  3. Puesta en práctica/Put it in practice

Lee todo con cuidado, y completa cada parte resaltada en amarillo. Debes contestar en oraciones completas

Read everything carefully, and complete every part highlighted in yellow. You should answer in complete sentences.


Files for this Assignment:

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