Sierra – Science – 3/25

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Hey my dear scientists since we were learning about types of rocks. I think you would love this activity!

  • Watch the video and tried to think and answer as many questions as you can! Don’t worry some of the materials would not be available, but it is still very enjoyably.
    • Volcano Discoveries
    • 1. Suppose you wanted to tell an explorer where to look for volcanoes. Check the box of the sentence you would choose.▢ You can find just as many volcanoes in the middle of a continent as you can near the coast.
      ▢ You can find more volcanoes near the ocean than you can in the middle of the continent.
    • 2. If you had to describe how the volcanoes on your map are arranged, what sentence would you choose?
      ▢ The volcanoes are scattered evenly across the map.
      ▢ The volcanoes are in groups near the coast.
    • 3. What if you wanted a volcano to pop up in your backyard? Where would you choose to live and why?
      Use information from the map to explain.
      If I wanted a volcano to pop in my backyard I would choose to live in _____________________ because______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


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