Ms. White – First Grade – Room 1 – April 23

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At Home Learning – Room 1

Thursday, April 23rd

Good morning! I hope you all had a restful break. Room 1 students will be recieving a package in the mail from Amazon in the next few days (if you haven’t recieved it already). It contains a few items from me to help with remote learning for the remainder of the year. 

Below are a few more learning opportunities for you to try out as well. Please remember that these are all just suggestions of activities for families that are looking for them. Don’t forget to send me pictures of you and your work so we can share them with the class! 

Reading: What is Sam Making?

Read or listen to What is Sam Making? on Epic (use classroom code: yjc4988 for free access to lots of awesome books!). Answer the questions on page 22. 

Writing: Make your own Robot!

Time to get creative! Using recyclable materials in your house, design and make your own robot. Check out these examples: a music teacher robot and a pet sitter robot (and meet my neice Rhea!). You can also draw your robot if that’s what you prefer. Then, write to tell about your robot and the things he or she does that make it special.

Math: Story Problems

Solve the story problems below using the strategy that works best for you (manipulatives, pictures, or quick tens) and then write your own story problem. Send me your problem so we can solve them on our Classroom Zoom Meeting next week!

  1. Zailynn’s robot has 10 buttons. She adds 4 more. How many buttons does the robot have now?
  2. Emilia has 20 goldfish crackers. She takes 10 more out of the bag. How many does she have all together?
  3. Liam has 32 Skittles. Miguel gives him 10 more. How many Skittles does Liam have now?
  4. Tairielyz has 56 crayons. Her mom gives her 20 more. How many crayons does Tairielyz have now?


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